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Media for Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Prequel

The persistence of injustice and oppression in our world raise questions in the minds of some about the character of God. If God is really loving and just, how could all this be happening? Steve Moore reflects on an amazing testimony from a fellow Christ-follower who survived Idi Amin's reign of terror in Uganda and the tension between the now and not yet reality of the kingdom.

International Justice Mission

One of the leading organizations seeking to confront injustice and standing up for the oppressed is International Justice Mission. This short video will introduce you to the need and one part of the solution. For more information about International Justice Mission, visit their web site at

It has been my privilege to interact with International Justice Mission on several occasions and every time I come away with a deeper sense of conviction they are engaged in a unique ministry that reflects the heart of God for the oppressed. Steve Moore

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