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Media for Chapter 7

When we think about poverty only from a statistical and impersonal perspective our compassion is blunted and short lived. From Times Square in New York Steve Moore reflects on an inner city outreach experience that pushed him to explore the "faces of poverty" and prepared him for the heartlinking experience in rural India that opens this chapter.

India Gospel League

There are many organizations advancing the cause of Christ in India. In this chapter Steve Moore describes a heartlinking experience he had in an Indian village with Samuel Stephens, the President of India Gospel League. For more information about India Gospel League, visit their web site at

I've known Samuel Stephens for twenty years; he is a world class leader giving direction to an amazing team of frontline servants who are loving the poor, uplifting the oppressed and sharing the life changing power of the Gospel throughout rural India. Steve Moore

World Relief

Since 1944 World Relief has been the compassionate ministry arm of the National Association of Evangelicals with a distinctive of empowering the church to serve the most vulnerable. For more information about World Relief, visit their web site at

I am privileged to serve on the board of World Relief and say with great confidence the heart of God for the most vulnerable is reflected in diverse ministries including refugee resettlement here in the United States and a wide range of relief and development initiatives around the world, all with a commitment to partnership with the local church. Steve Moore

Stupid Death


One of the most compelling descriptions of the tragedy flowing from the Haiti Earthquake came from Anderson Cooper's interview with Larry King in which he described the "stupid death." We live in a world filled with stupid death. How should we respond?

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