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Media for Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Prequel

Prejudice against people who are not like us is often hidden by blind spots and difficult to see. From a racially diverse park near New York University Steve Moore shares one of the first experiences he had that exposed a bias induced blind spot. It is difficult to demonize someone after she has been humanized by relationship. That's why it is so important to initiate relationships with people who aren't like you.

Overcoming Prejudice

Perhaps no group of people trigger the negative emotions in Americans that Jews may have felt toward Samaritans than people in the Muslim world. This web site will make the content in this chapter even more practical by challenging your assumptions and broadening your perspectives on the Muslim world by asking the question, "Why do you fear me?"

Take My Coat Too

Click on this link if you would like to hear Julio Diaz share his amazing experience outside a subway in the Bronx in his own words.

Julio Diaz with a Kenyan Twist

When you first think about it the Julio Diaz experience is so outlandish it is natural to assume it has to be a one off experience. Outside a New York City subway Steve Moore shares about a Kenyan pastor who had his own face-to-face experience with people who did him wrong. Maybe this grace-awakened courage happens more often than we think. Maybe you too could find grace for that?

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