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The decision to cross the road for Jesus is yours. I challenge you to wrestle with the truths in this book, then 'go and do likewise.'
George Verwer
World Missions Advocate Founder, Operation Mobilisation

Steve Moore has done a wonderful job of showing us again the heart of God for the ultrapoor, the oppressed, and the spiritually destitute. Some of the greatest needs of the church today are models of both compassion and proclamation that reflect the heart of our Lord. Moore has given us insightful guidelines for how to live with passion-fueled purpose.
Paul Eshleman
vice president, evangelism strategies, Campus Crusade for Christ International

Steve Moore addresses very relevant questions for Christian living in a 'flat world': Now that we have access to the needs of the whole world in the palm of our hand (Netbooks, smart/mobile phones), who really is our neighbor? Now that we know, what should we do? The answer always comes back to what Jesus would say or do. Steve helps serious believers know how to respond to these questions in the twenty-first century.
Bob Creson
president/CEO, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

Who Is My Neighbor? is a theology text, a leadership manual, a Bible study, a missions tutorial, and a path to finding personal purpose. From the Word to the world, Steve Moore challenges your mind and stirs your heart for your neighbor.
Leith Anderson
president, National Association of Evangelicals, Washington, DC; pastor, Wooddale Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

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While reading a free book has its advantages, you'll be missing out on having free access to the assessment tool (see sample).  You'll also miss out on over $100 of free resources available to you through codes in the printed book.

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NavPress recognizes that the publishing industry is changing rapidly and we have to think of creative ideas to allow people to read the messages that we steward.  We also recognize the vast amount of sharing that happens online and want to be a part of the rapid sharing of this valuable idea by making it free to as many people as possible in a very simple method.

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It's a small world after all.

And it's getting smaller. In this global village, information about the needs of people over there is only a hyperlink away from over here. Life in this connected world has greatly complicated the answer to a once simple question: Who is my neighbor?

Steve Moore believes search engines like Google not only symbolize and supercharge globalization but actually point the way forward as we try to make sense of our response to the needs of others. What if you could page rank the God-ordained passions that connect you with opportunities for meaningful service? This liberating lifestyle would be free from the guilt of inaction and the messiah complex of over commitment. It is not limited to missionaries or aid workers or spiritual first responders. It is for ordinary people like me and you.

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